Crunchyroll Dice Drinking Game

Crunchyroll has a feature where, if you don't know what to watch, you can roll a dice and it picks a random show for you. Using that, I have created this list of variables that those show may or may not have/be and that you can get drunk off of. If you really have nothing else better to do, I guess.

Just roll the dice, refresh the page and drink as instructed if anything applies to your show.

Take a shot. . .
... if it's a show you've never seen before.

... if there's slapstick comedy involved.

... if it's a fanservice show. Take a shot for every panty shot.

... if the show title or episode has excessive punctuation.

... if one of the main heroines has twintails.

... if one of the characters has a verbal tic. Take an additional shot every time they say it.