Character Sorter FAQ

Can you add this character to ____ sorter?
Sure, just contact me on twitter.

This character clearly has THIS hair colour but they're in THIS other sorter!
It turns out colour is pretty subjective. I've used my best judgement and asked for others opinions but if you really, really think I'm wrong... I guess let me know and I'll rethink it if it really matters that much?

Will you make ___ sorter?
I'm working my way through hair colours and others that seem fun for me but if for some reason you really, really want a specific sorter I'd be willing to do it for a donation towards the site hosting...

What is the most popular sorter?
None come close to Kancolle and I've had to upgrade my hosting twice to keep up with the demand for it unfortunately.

Will you add ____ feature to the sorter?
I mean, let me know and I'll see what I can do?
The sorters take a really long time!

They're kind of impractically long, huh? If there's an option you think would be helpful to sort by, I'm all ears!

What song do you recommend listening to while sorting?
King Gainer Over.